Energenius Technologies Pvt Ltd

Our Services

Being sustainable solution provider, we provide following services.

Lake and Water Body management services

We provide solutions to Growth of invasive algae & weeds, Decaying biomass generating
foul odor, Low oxygen, Unsightly patches, loss of visual appeal. Water Turbidity, Water coloration, Suspended
Solids, Micro Algae etc. reducing the water clarity

Lake & Ponds management service goals

● Serve as an aid to larger cause – natural
biodiversity and sustainability
● Maintain it in a healthy and aesthetically
pleasing condition
● Improve the water quality & Enhance water
clarity – easy view of aquatic lives
● Minimise presence of suspended organic
matter, algae, dissolved organic materials
● Safeguarding the aquatic lives
● Support conservation initiatives for aquatic
flora & fauna
● Make over & Restoration of Lake/Pond’s
natural beauty

Offering Customized Solutions

● Lake Monitoring by Biologist – Visual inspections and assessments in Ponds or Lakes
● Water Quality Monitoring – Parameters like Dissolved Oxygen, pH Alkalinity, Hardness,
Conductivity, Phosphates, Total Phosphorus, Turbidity etc. to workout the management strategy
● Water Quality Enhancement – Applying oxygenating products to mitigate the BOD, promote
aerobic respiration, improve biological activities in the organic muck.
● Water Quality Restoration: Reduces eutrophication and removes free radical phosphorus from
the water column, limiting the primary excess nutrient responsible for water quality degradation
and excessive nuisance algae and invasive aquatic weed growth.
● Biological Augmentation: Inoculating combination of Beneficial Aerobic Bacteria, Enzymes, and
other microbial or natural nutrient binders.
● Turbidity Reduction /Nutrient Remediation of Lake/Pond Water
● Algae Management in water bodies – micro and macro algae
● Aquatic Weed Control – Water hyacinth, duckweeds etc.
● Supply, installation & Maintenance of water aeration systems like Diffusers, Aerators, fountains,
Oxygen Saturation Technologies – Nano bubbles system.